Josette Féral

Mise en scène et Jeu de l'acteur

Comment cerner le jeu? Comment en parler? Quelles sont les qualités fondamentales nécessaires à l'acteur? Comment définir les notions de présence etd'énergie? Comment travailler le texte, le personnage? Quel rapport la pratique entretient-elle avec la théorie? Telles sont quelques-unes des questions qui ont été posées à trente-quatre metteurs en scène et acteurs.

Mise en scène et jeu de l’acteur (Directing and acting)
Volume I. L’espace du text (The Space of the Text)
Volume II. Corps en scène (The Body on Stage)

How can we understand acting? How can we talk about it? What are the fundamental qualities that are necessary for the actor? How can we define the notions of presence and energy? How can we work on the text, on the character? What is the relationship that binds practice and theory? These are some of the questions that where asked to thirty-four directors and actors.

This book in two volumes intends to be the place of this expression, which certainly is fragmented, limited, punctual, unpretentious, and doesn’t wholly embrace theatre but briefly leaves the window half-open towards training.

In the first volume, dedicated to "the space of the text" and in the second one dedicated to the "body on stage", we have gathered the reflexions of directors from Quebec, the United States, France, Belgium, Russia, Italy and Denmark, that we met between 1990 and 1997. By regrouping them in this way, we have only transposed in these pages the state of theater nowadays, a theater which freely crosses frontiers and reveals itself to be everywhere similar and different at the same time.

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Tome 1 : ISBN 2-920-999-07-0 (Québec) ISBN 2-87282-239-9 (France)
Tome 2 : ISBN 2-87282-239-9 (Québec) ISBN 2-87282-188-0 (France)