Josette Féral

English version short biography

Josette Féral has published several books including Théorie et pratique du théâtre: au-delà des limites (2011), Rezija in Igra (Slovénie, 2009), Voix de femmes (Montreal, 2007), Teatro, Teoria y practica : mas alla de las Fronteras ( Buenos Aeres, Galerna, 2004), Mise en scène et jeu de l'acteur, volumes I and II (Canada/Belgium 1997, 1999, reprinted in 2001) which deals with many European as well as North American stage directors; Rencontres avec Ariane Mnouchkine (Paris, 1995, reprinted in 2001) and Trajectoires du Soleil (Paris, 1999) on Mnouchkine’s work. She has edited several collectives among which Scènes performatives, Body-Remix (2012), “The Genetics of Performance” (Theatre Research International, 2008), “The transparency of the text : Contemporary Writing for the Stage”, (co-éd. avec Donia Mounsef), in Yale French Studies, no 112, 174 p (fall 2007); Theatricality (special issue of Substance, Madison, 2002), Mnouchkine und das Théâtre du Soleil (Berlin, 2003), L’Ecole du jeu, former ou transmettre (L’Entretemps, France, 2003), Les chemins de l’acteur (Montréal, 2001). She is responsible of a Research group on “Performativity and presence effects”. Her work focuses mostly on contemporary western theatre, the body in acting theories as well as “presence effects” in art. She has been President of the IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research, 1999- 2002) and is presently President of EASTAP (European Association  for the Study of Theatre and Performance).